Veggie Day

Yesterday, Wendy has finally fully eaten with pleasure her first plate.

We’ve started eating solid food about two weeks ago and it’s a lovely new adventure that involves smelly poops, messy meal and dangerous stains for white clothes lovers.

Today we’ve used a full bib from Bumkins for the first time and it really helped me cool-down on the idea of having a messy meal as I don’t want to see myself cringing over the stains when it is the normal process, especially at the beginning.


As for me, I decided to have a Veggie Day at a take-away/restaurant that offers local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Veggie Crumble

I am not a Vegan, I am not a Vegetarian, and I do think that eating meat is one of the nice pleasures of life (especially Pata Negra), however I became increasingly sensitive to the way we’ve turned other species into objects devoided of feelings for the sake of having food as a commodity. It sadden me deeply to know that decency for other species has become a bankable option when it should be a priority.

This is probably not the best place to talk about it, but, it is important for me to not just ignore this fact for my own sake.

We never know, next time I might even do something about it.

Cordialement Bisous,


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