A week in Provence.

Dear Mum, Dad and my bridesmaids (my four  readers),

Please accept my apologies for the long silence you had to suffer from. I was on holiday. Yep, no maternity leave –  taking care of Wendy all day long, but a real full week of holiday SHARING it with Wendy, my husband and some good friends and their adorable baby boy.

So basically, this post is going to be mainly a big show off of all the fun I had in an amazing location, and some deco inspiration for interior design as Provence is a very special tasteful place (loads of whites and greys!).

We were staying in Paradou, a small village in les Alpilles which is a small range of small (tiny, if I may) mountains.

The first day it was raining cats and dogs, and as we had a work emergency on arrival, we forgot to close the rooftop of the car. That was an ….interesting experience. But what I meant to say is that we had to use the inside facilities.

So, the first thing I did was having a bath. The last one I had was the day I gave birth as I had the chance to have a delivery room equiped with a large yellow one….with changing colors leds (WTF?). If you are wondering, being in a bath during labour is really cool. It helps you relax and skip some useless contractions.

The bathroom was very nicely done with what looked like tadelakt on the wall (Moroccan lime plaster) whilst the doors were old shutters

bathroom door

We enjoyed the interior and its facilities whilst the rain was pouring outside.

IMG_20150825_113922 IMG_20150827_091743 IMG_20150827_092822 IMG_20150827_093516 IMG_20150827_094206 IMG_20150827_224722 IMG_20150829_060420 IMG_20150829_091716IMG_20150825_123904IMG_20150825_125759

Once the weather was back to its normal-self we had the chance to explore with the snails the outside of the house.


And the Sun is Out!

beautiful provencial shutters

dinning table

We had great healthy meals (I’ll do a post for the tastefull  Peach Salad )…

IMG_20150827_131851 IMG_20150826_151646

…and other less healthy

Petites madeleines Merguez

Internet had a lot of fun in the garden as well.

IMG_20150824_132359 IMG_20150824_183440 IMG_20150824_185418 IMG_20150825_151339 IMG_20150826_082048 IMG_20150826_082550 IMG_20150827_090219

But the real pleasure of the week was the pool. A beautiful large pool that internet was even allowed to join on the last day!

IMG_20150828_160930 IMG_20150828_163150 IMG_20150828_163900 IMG_20150828_181033

And seeing Wendy Darling enjoying her naps outside in the shades.


Cordialement Bisous


2 thoughts on “A week in Provence.

  1. This place is amazing. If it’s not a secret location, could you share with us the website please? I’m sure I’m not the only one dreaming about your week here :)

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