Mint trainers for Simon & Calfankle

Simon and CanlfankleAs a person who does not do “the sport”, I have never had the use to buy a pair of trainers.

I suffer from a terrible desease called the calfankle (“Simon & Calfankle”?), also called “the boot look” by my adorabe borther. My legs being already quite big, adding a nice pair of trainers would only increase the absence of elegancy in my legs.

HOWEVER! As a new mum, you walk. You walk more than you ever had, and carrying more weight that you ever wished for (I am talking about my pregnanct fat, the one that is meant to leave us by the end of the year).shoes

And so I have decided to buy a pair of wonderful cheap trainers. As I was looking at different website, I saw those marvellous Mint Skechers Mint Trainers which are so comfortable that I will sacrifice my sense of style for it.

Fine, I don’t have any sense of style, but if I had any, they would still win!

Cordialement Bisous