Minty Candles

I have always been obsessed with colors. When a normal person likes a color, I would buy everything which is in the correct shade. When I was a teenager, it was Purple (even my perfume was ultraviolet!); when I was planning my wedding, I was obsessed with Grey, and White.

Finally with Wendy’s birth, I started a new color obsession with Mint! As a consequence, I decided to create my own candles to offer them to friends and family in honor of her birth.


Anyway, you are here not to read about my deviance, but to know how I made those gorgeous candles which have received  the “seal of approval”  by Internet, our corgi girl.


What you need to buyP1080268.RW2

  • Glass Jar

I have bought mine at my local supermarket (quite glamorous, I know) but you can also decide to spend it all on beautiful Mason Jars (instead of spending it all on drugs, the cost in France would be quite similar though, but yet I would recommend this Etsy shop : The Glass Companion )

What I like about this product is its milky aspect. When I wanted to buy a cheaper version I ended up with a crystal like wax which I did not like as much, also the quality was there, so if you have a preference for ugly wax….

Without the little thingy at the bottom, there is a risk that the wick would not remain in place. The consumption of the wax would then be uneven.

I have tried several coloring and this one was the one !

  • Essential oils of something-that-smells-good to you !

You will need to have ready

  • A plate per candle
  • A pan (That you probably won’t be able to use for food after)
  • And old chopstick ( that you won’t see again either, and you can forget about the twin as well, as one chopstick is pretty useless on its own)
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • BBQ wooden sticks

Let’s do this !

P1080263.RW2Let’s start by preparing the glass jar : put the waxed wick at the bottom centre of the jar that you keep in place thanks to the BBQ stick that you will previously tape together with your scotch tape.

Try to have the wick as much in the centre as possible as it will allow an even consumption of your candle once lighten up.

Once you have your wick in place, put your jar on a plate so you can move your candle around. You’ll thank me for that as you won’t be stucked with candles everywhere in your kitchen for the rest of the day whilst it is cooling down. I have discovered that, weirdly enough, a glass jar full of boiling wax is not the best to be moved around bare-handed, or even with the kitchen muffles as it would be hard to keep it perfectly straight, pissing you off at yourself for putting wax everywhere on the glove AND having the little wick in one corner when you spent 3 full minutes to have it in the centre.


Pour the relevant quantity of wax in your pan. (Have you noted how I used “relevant quantity” here? It’s mainly because I use a guestimation myself and also because I don’t know which type of glass jar you went for. As a consequence, have several jar ready, just in case you did too much).

Switch on your cooktop and GO GO GO !

Use your wonderful chopstick to stir the wax and make sure that every piece of white wax is completey melted so you end-up with a transparent oily liquid.

Add pieces of solid coloring. For the color I went for, I used three little pieces per jar. Carry on stirring! Some people would recommend dipping a piece of tissue in the liquid in order to check if the correct color has been achieved, but it did not work for me, so you do what you want with this suggestion.

You then pour the essential oil. Don’t put more than 10 drops or you will hate your candle once lighten up. Stir, stir and stir so you are sure that the oil is correctly mixed.

Once the mix is done, pour slowly (I insist) the liquid in your glass jar, the idea being to fill it till the bottom of the screw of jar.

Remember to put the wick back in place if it moved!

Et voilà! Your job is done, and it’s time for the candles to do their’s, meaning cooling down.


Please be aware that the color of the hot wax is different from the end result, so calm the F* down, you did not failed. Now go and get a Minty Lemonade.

Remember to cut the wick excess once the candle is dry.


Now you can decide to customise the jar lid. As far as I am concerned I re-used some stickers with the logo of our Wedding and some Washi tape.



En vous remerciant!


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