Mighty Minty Lamp

As you may have understood already, I became a compulsive buyer, which probably started when I was organising my Wedding.

Organising a wedding is a moment of your life when you need Etsy more than anything in the world, and realise that there are thousands of beautiful items that are now accessible and you are not restrained to the one you find in your usual local shops.


This Beautiful lamp however has been bought via a discount online shop (so I paid the bulb and the lamp only 30 euros) and is from a Luxembourg Shop called FilamentStyle.

The lamp is already beatiful when switched off thanks to its minimalistic design and bright colors, but with the requirement of a beautiful Bulb the lamp becomes even more splendid.


The price for the lamp is 88 euros to which you will need to add 12 euros for the Filament Bulb.

P1080354.RW2The real difficulty about being a compulsive buyer and liking minimalistic design is that you need to find the perfect place, where the item could express itself (that sounds so pompus, but I am sure you understand the concept).

Also, be careful, filament bulb are gorgeous, but they heat like my VISA card when I log in Etsy!

Cordialement bisous


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